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This page contains examples of how schools have applied the Six Kinds of Best. It includes photographs, artwork and documents you can download and modify for your own use. We hope you get some great ideas and if you have any you'd like to share we'd love to display it here.

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Teach the Six Kinds of Best affirmation


Create your own unique name


Get flags made up


Adopt a mascot to bring the values to life


Get a costume for your mascot


Get students to create posters


Download the colouring in sheets


Create mobile displays to hang in the class or library


Do the affirmation in class


Make some display cubes for the library


Do the affirmation at assembly


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27 ways to use the Six Kinds of Best in schools

  • 1. Adopt the Six Kinds of Best as your school values.
  • 2. Teach students the 6KOB affirmation and get them to do it every day, and/or at assemblies.
  • 3. Get students to teach their parents the 6KOB affirmation.
  • 4. Put the 6KOB posters up in classrooms and around the school. Use them to reinforce good behaviours in context.
  • 5. Give each student a 6KOB bookmark to remind them of the key messages, and get them to take them home to show their parents.
  • 6. Reinforce and consolidate good values with the class progress charts and stickers.
  • 7. Award 6KOB certificates.
  • 8. Send blank 6KOB certificates home for parents to give out to their children.
  • 9. Hand out stickers to students displaying good values. They may be put on individual progress charts.
  • 10. Get students to hand out stickers to other students they see demonstrating good values.
  • 11. Teach lessons from the Six Kinds of Best Teachers Guides.
  • 12. Get customized workbooks for every student.
  • 13. Use the individual progress charts in class to reinforce and consolidate good behaviour.
  • 14. Send individual progress charts and stickers home for parents to give out.
  • 15. Use the language of the Six Kinds of Best to reinforce behaviours. E.g. A student puts themselves down – "Olivia, when you say that you're not being kind to yourself." A student helps someone in need – " Well done John, that's being kind to others." A student drops some rubbish – "Ava, if you drop rubbish on the ground that's not being kind to the environment." The student does well in a test "Well done Bruce, you have proven that you are the learning kind!" A student does a great assignment– "Excellent Matthew, this is quality work and doing your best is being the achieving kind!" A group of students helps pack up after an assembly – "Thanks guys, helping out like you have is being the community kind."
  • 16. Get students to do the self-reflective checklists and set goals in areas they are lacking.
  • 17. Put 'Six Kinds of Best Tips' in your school newsletter to reinforce values at home.
  • 18. Have a 6KOB launch day.
  • 19. Have an annual 'Six Kinds of Best' or 'Best You Can Be' day.
  • 20. Have a 6KOB colouring-in competition. (Download sheets from website)
  • 21. Have a 6KOB poster competition.
  • 22. Have a 6KOB focus for the month, e.g. 'Be kind to the environment' month.
  • 23. Create a 6KOB notice board or honour board with pictures of kids who have displayed good 6KOB values.
  • 24. Get students to create a 6KOB mural.
  • 25. Get students to design a 'Six Kinds of Best' mouse mat.
  • 26. Come up with your own name for the Six kinds of Best.
  • 27. Create a mascot to help reinforce school values.