What people Say




"I am writing to say thank you as I have adopted the Six Kinds of Best into my school following hearing you speak at the NZPF conference in Christchurch last year. It has been extremely successful in assisting with changing the tone of the school. In 2008 we had 21 stand-downs (suspensions). 2009 – 6 stand-downs and DP spent most of his time on Curriculum instead of discipline. 2010 – Only 2 stand-downs"

Principal, Cosgrove School, NZ


"The Six Kinds of Best played a key role in the positive transformation of our school culture at Wyndham DHS. David's engaging and logical facilitation process enabled us to get clarity about what we stand for as a school, and has empowered staff, students, parents and the community to work towards a common vision - and become excited about the future. Being able to customize the Six Kinds of Best to become the Wyndham Way has meant that people have taken ownership of the message and are committed to achieving it. I would not hesitate to recommend the Six Kinds of Best program."

Deputy Principal, Wyndham DHS


"The Six Kinds of Best have played an important part in the development of our school culture. Teachers have embraced the well-structured and colourful resources, and parents have given the program their full support. Students have responded well to the clear, consistent messages, and often use 'Six Kinds of Best' language when talking to peers, teachers and parents - the message is certainly getting through! We even do the 'Six Kinds of Best' affirmation at every assembly. This program helps us link all the things we do in our school to create the best learning environment we can, and to encourage our students to be the best they can be."

Principal, Riverton School, WA


"We continue to foster a happy, safe and disciplined learning environment which promotes leadership and engagement built on the Six Kinds of Best. The values program was embedded and in operation with high rates of success."

Dutton Park School, QLD


"The school is really rocking along with the program and we had a big launch at our first whole school assembly. We finished the assembly with a community song titled "Life is Life" and had streamers and party poppers etc. The whole school also did the affirmation and it sounded great. All classes are running the program and the language is starting to filter through to the behaviour in the playground as well as the classroom. Thanks again for your great PD and the feedback from all staff has been extremely positive."

Teacher, Roebuck School, Broome


I can actually see a difference in the classroom and playground - they really are trying which is great. I can see them trying to be the sharing kind.

Teacher, Babakin School




“Love the toolkit book and the idea of a structured program that can be used across the whole school.”

“Thank you for this brilliant resource.”

“Very clear, user-friendly resources. Great to have the same system across the whole school.”

“Toolkit is fantastic and put together nicely. Something I can present to my school and get working on right away.”

“Very useful resources and ideas. Can't wait to implement at my school. Thanks”

“Fantastic and useful ideas that can easily be implemented into our school setting. 


"Loved the sticky messages and can see how this toolkit will be meaningful to students and the community.”

“Very user friendly.”

“I like that it is all set up and incorporates in to all curriculum.”

“Awesome resources.”


“A very clear and useful program.”




“I like the school values and how they are the hub of the school.”

“There has been a significant improvement in the atmosphere.”

“The school has made some great forward ‘leaps’. I commend the principal and staff.”

“The kid’s have been teaching me the Six Kinds of Best affirmation.”

“I love ‘Dunford’ (school mascot) who teaches the values and so do the kids”