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Making the 6kob 'sticky'


In this section we look at how to make the Six Kinds of Best message 'sticky' including:

  1. Six Kinds of Best Sticky Message
  2. Six Kinds of Best Language for Success
  3. Six Kinds of Best Success Wheel
  4. Six Kinds of Best Affirmation
  5. Six Kinds of Best Mascots
  6. Six Kinds of Best Flags

Six Kinds of Best 'Sticky Message'

The 6KOB Sticky Message is:

  • Be Kind to Your Self

  • Be Kind to Others

  • Be Kind to the Environment

  • Be the Learning Kind

  • Be the Achieving Kind

  • Be the Community Kind

Use the Sticky Message as often as possible. Look at it, say it, draw it, act it, sing it!


Six Kinds of Best 'Language of Success'

Teachers and parents can reinforce desired behaviours by using 6KOB language, for example:

  • If someone puts themselves down – Ólivia, that’s not being kind to yourself is it?”

  • If someone is bullying another person – “John, you’re not being kind to others are you?”

  • A student drops some rubbish – “Ava, is that being kind to environment?”

  • The class does well in a test “Well done class, you really are the learning kind!”

  • A student does a great assignment– “Excellent work Matthew, that’s a great example of being the achieving kind!”

  • A group of students help clean up – “Thanks guys, that’s being the community kind.”


You will find that students also start using the language. Teachers report students coming up to them and saying things like

  • "Look  sir, I've been the achieving kind!" (while showing them a good test result) or
  • "We were being the community kind because we helped Mrs Jones pack up the chairs"

Six Kinds of Best 'Success Wheel'

The Success Wheel provides an eye-catching visual icon that outlines the 6KOB ‘recipe for success’. Each colour also provides a metaphor for the ‘kind’ it represents.

Six Kinds of Best Success Wheel 
  • Be kind to yourself is yellow – for optimism and a bright outlook
  • Be kind to others is red – the colour of caring (think red cross)
  • Be kind to the environment is green – the recognized colour for the environment
  • Be the learning kind is orange – the colour of the sun, the catalyst for growth
  • Be the achieving kind: blue – the ‘blue ribbon’ colour and the colour of quality  
  • Be the community kind: purple – the colour of spirituality


The wheel is found on many 6KOB resources and schools are encourage to download it and use it for their own use.  Download the Six Kinds of Best Success Wheel


We now even have beach balls that act as a 3-D version of the Success Wheel

          beach ball bottom 





Six Kinds of Best Affirmation

The Six Kinds of Best Affirmation is an audio-visual-kinesthetic action message that helps students remember and internalize the Six Kinds of Best. You can do it as a ritual, such as in class at the start of every day or as a regular part of assemblies.


       I’m one of a kind

       I’m kind to myself

       I’m kind to others

       I’m kind to the environment

       I’m the learning kind

       I’m the achieving kind

       I’m the community kind

       And I, Love, Life!

actions class 9 life riverton student presentation riverton 11

In Class

At Assembly

The Affirmation has been written in a positive, present tense to act as a subliminal mantra that creates neural pathways that encourage people to act in accordance with the key values at a sub-conscious level.


When done in a large group it creates a unified collective consciousness that creates a visceral experience for those doing it – which means it is more likely to be embedded and acted upon. This is why the affirmation is great for assemblies and many schools use it as their school creed.

affirmation matt 1

I'm one of a kind


affirmation matt 2 affirmation matt 3 affirmation matt 4

I'm kind to my self

I'm kind to others

I'm kind to the environment

affirmation matt 5b affirmation matt 7 affirmation matt 8

I'm the learning kind

I'm the achieving kind

I'm the community kind

affirmation matt 9 affirmation matt 10 affirmation matt 11

And I



Download a copy of the 6KOB Affirmation


See how schools use the Affirmation.

Six Kinds of Best Characters

Characters and mascots add a fun element to the Six Kinds of best. Use our mascot or create your own.


The Six Kinds of Best Character Sunny SOELAC is used on many of the resources. Sunny helps people remember the 6KOB because SOELAC is, of course, an acronym for:


     sonny soelac thumb up

Sunny has a ‘sunny outlook’ and been designed to be androgynous (could be perceived as either a boy or a girl).

He/she is used in many of the 6KOB resources and schools are most welcome to use Sunny SOELAC clip art on their learning materials. Sunny, of course, has been designed for the younger years.


Download Sunny SOELAC clip art


Many schools substitute Sunny for their own character.

1 customised mascot snappy crocodile wyndham 2 dunford thumbs up 3 customised mascot burwood best kiwi burwood

Snappy the Crocodile

Wyndham District High School

Dunford Salmon

Rakaia School

Burwood Kiwi

Burwood School




Six Kinds of Best Mascots

People may intitially a mascot is a 'primary school thing' but many high schools and colleges have used mascots sucessfully. 

mascot costume wyndham 2   mascot costume wyndham 3  mascot costume wyndham 1

Snappy the Crocodile having fun and spreading the Six kinds of Best message at Wyndham District High School