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David Koutsoukis is the creator of the Six Kinds of Best program. He is a leadership and team development specialist who helps leaders in both the corporate and education sectors build great cultures. He believes that Teachers are Leaders and his innovative programs and resources deliver knowledge, tools and strategies that help principals and teachers become more effective leaders in their schools and classrooms.

As the father of 2 young boys David has a keen interest in helping young people develop good values and become persons of good character - so that they achieve their potential and become positive contributors to society.  Extensive research and hands-on experience has lead to the development of the Six Kinds of Best program.

David has presented at conferences, seminars and workshops in ten countries across four continents, primarily in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.  He is the author of more than 20 books and other resources including the Behaviour Management Toolkit, The Seven Signs of an Exceptional Team and co-author of Click! Why you click with some people and others drive you crazy!

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